The Sun Cafe Deli counter is located within The Sun Cafe Restaurant itself.


Here you can find a wide range of essential groceries and ingredients  from around the world.

To create at home your own taste of the Mediterranean.


We specialise in a wide range of good quality cured meats, cheeses and antipasti that cannot be found in many supermarkets.


Our Sun Cafe chefs are on hand to share their knowledge of the foods & recipes.

R E S T A U R A N T  D E L I

The Sun Café

T H E  D E L I  S H O P

Renna Semi Dried Tomatoes


Risovi Arborio Rice


Colavita Bella di Cergnola Green Olives In Brine (Product of Italy) 


Colavita Green Olive Tapenade


Colavita Artichoke Tapenade


Divella Passata


La Conserve Della Nonna - Sugo ai Funghi

Tomato pasta sauce with mushrooms


La Conserve Della Nonna - Sugo Mediterraneo

Tomato pasta sauce


Colavita Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP  *As used in The Sun Pizza

Balsamic Vinegar


Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil  *As used in The Sun Pizza


Romacaffe Classico Moka



The items in The Sun Cafe Reataurant Deli are always changing as we get new items in  ...

please see inside the restaurant for details. 

If you are unable to find an item in a recipe you are making or that you have seen on your travels please ask as we may be able to source it for you.

T A K E  A W A Y - D E L I  B O X    

Struggling to think of something for Lunch?


Cold deli boxes are all served with a dressed salad and a selection of breads.
Choose a deli box of between 4 and 10 items including

Roasted Vegetables - Parma Ham - Prawns - Roasted Red Pepper Cous Cous

Homemade Pates - Smoked Applewood Cheese

& much more...


Ask inside The Sun Cafe Restaurant for more details